Shinmaywa Non-Clog Submersible Pump (With Built in Chopper)
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Cable outlet with core sealer
• The self-contained core sealer of the cable outlet shuts the water out from penetrating into the motor chamber through the core wires even if the cable tip is immersed in water or the sheath is damaged.
Motor protector
• A built-in automatic reset type motor protector (automatic cutoff or thermal protector) positively protects the motor from burnout due to overload, impeller clogging and open phase.
Shaft seal
• A highly wear resistant silicon carbide double mechanical seal positively prevents the water from penetrating into the motor chamber. Besides, combined use of an oil seal further extends the service life of the mechanical seal.
• Dry type motor with Class F insulation is employed.
Discharge connection
• When the automatic connection type submersible pump is lowered along with the guide pipe, the pump is automatically connected to the discharge pipe with the Discharge connection.
• Impellers most suitable for respective pump applications are employed. For example, the non-clogging type impellers are 100% subject to the dynamic and static balance adjustment at factory

• Sewage treatment plant & Septic tank Handling of raw water and other treatment process
• Pumping station Relaying of sewage and rainwater
• Building & Shopping complex Drainage of sanitary and kitchen wastewater
• Road, Underpass & Subway Drainage of rainwater
• Factory & other facilities Handling of industrial wastewater, etc