7200 MA

The 7200 MA series of inverter is the latest addition to the Teco family of AC drives. They incorporate sensorless vector control, have a 150% starting torque capability and also provides a built-in PLC function The front panel of the Speecon 7300 CV drive includes a LED/LCD keypad display with a speed control.



Inverter – 7200 MA


220V Class:1~40HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~30kW
440V Class:1~75HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~55kW


– Interactive LCD, used as Copy Unit
– RS-485, Modbus, Profibus (option)
– PG Built-in Interface
– Dual Rating Overload Protection
– Energy-Saving./ Sensorless + Auto-turning
– Output Phase Loss Protection
– Pulse Train command, +10V ~ -10V Analog commander
– Over torque Detection.

Additional information

VFD Rating(HP/kW)

10HP/7.5KW, 15HP/11KW, 1HP/0.75KW, 20HP/15KW, 25HP/18KW, 2HP/1.5KW, 30HP/22KW, 3HP/2.2KW, 40HP/30KW, 50HP/37KW, 5HP/3.7KW, 60HP/45KW, 7.5HP/5.5KW, 75HP/56KW


220V, 440V

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