Boiler Feed Pump

Apco regenerative turbine pumps are field-proven throughout the world. Apco pumps are ideal forhandling: (1) high head/low flow requirements, (2) liquids entrained with gases and vapors (up to 20%), and (3) constant flows. You are assured of reliable pumping service because every Apco is tested to insure consistent performance. Apco pumps are designed for those special applications where high head and low flow are required by the system. Boiler feed systems, for example, require high pressure to get low flows of water into the pressurized steam boiler.


Water Pump – Boiler Feed Pumps (Series 110)

Capacities: 150 gpm ( 34 M3/HR)
T.D. Head: 700 feet (213 meters)

– Boiler Feed Service
– Condensate Service
– Cooling System
– Booster System
– Transfer Service
» Temperatures to 275°F (121°C)


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